Someone Will Die 1.

I still have the draft saved somewhere. This is a bit from the first chapter of a story long dead. RIP.


Professor Redwine had already arrived by the time the polished, gunmetal gates were locked and sealed and the screaming, human-sized bundle was being thrown about in the small rowboat. He hurled into the glittering bars of the gate door, snaking his arm in between them and reaching out to drop a crumpled piece of paper into Allison Loring’s gloved hand.

“You make sure to burn her,” he said solemnly. “Burn that damn thing so it can’t come back.”

Allison nodded, not being able to get a word in over the grave screaming. He pushed away from the stony island of Sebrook and Professor Redwine watched the rowboat make slow progress across the lake until the mist swallowed them.

And then he turned to me and said, “Miss Godfrey, I told you so.”

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