Just An Update About Me

Hey guys. I haven’t made a personal post here in a while. I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff.

So first off I have a job. I work for a production center/studio and it’s only 4 months old so you can imagine we’re very busy getting things going and getting projects. We’re currently in the process of trying to sell our first pilot though which is exciting and among the few titles I throw around there I also count as one of the “artists” because I’ll be starting a podcast. Which is also fun. I haven’t had a whole lot of writing time because of this but things are starting to slow down and I’m finding time to handle both.

I also became a Wattpad Star which was weird in an “I wasn’t expecting this and I’m still not sure how I should be reacting” way but I’m taking it as another part of my long online writing journey. This runs right into my rewriting of Of Rust and Gold and my continuation of the series and my constant debate on what I’ll do with it when I’m done. The answer is I’m still not sure. I hoped to be done with the rewrite by the end of summer but then I got this job so now we’re looking at sometime in fall at least. (I have sixteen more chapters to go!)

I’m feeling good. Tired. But good. Getting a job has actually really helped my writing self-esteem. It dips from time to time and writing isn’t even the main thing I do there but it’s nice to feel like what I do is appreciated and even liked. And I guess that also matches up with the star thing.

The general consensus is I’m feeling good and I hope to get more writing out soon.

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