Rewriting OVS

Long time no time.

I finished Of Rust and Gold, it joined Wattpad’s Paid Story Program, I started a new book, and I begin my rewrite of Of Vipers and Saints.

A lot happened.

I’m excited for my rewrite because I think it eliminates one of the main things some people had a problem with when it comes to the beginning of the sequel and that’s Argus’ personality. A lot of people felt like OVS Argus undid a lot of the development and changes he went through by the end of ORG. And I understand that. I’m of the mind that Argus tends to revert back to his worst self when he’s feeling most comfortable, because that’s the way he’s been taught how to act but I can imagine why it made so many people unhappy with him. The new beginning changes things (clearly).

It’s been 3 1/2 half years instead of the full four. That matters. I promise it does. It gives us more time for more things. We’re presented with an opportunity to see more of the aftermath of the things that happened in the first book instead of it all seeming strangely isolated from the character’s current lives. We still get a wedding and we still get an irruption to said wedding but the circumstances are different.

Mel has a pet bird. That’s what really matters.

And I’m feeling more comfortable thinking about the series and its future. I used to get really anxious about the amount of books I had and whether I could wrap everything up nicely. It’s why it was such a big decision to write Of Empires and Ash and why it’s been hard writing that book (in part because I refused to outline) but now I don’t feel pressured. Seeing as the first book now has to stay on wattpad, I’m not so worried about my amount of sequels because like yeah having a huge series might turn off publishers but that’s not really my problem anymore. I’m still shooting for four books and starting OVS sooner should help me complete that but hey, if I end up with five I won’t complain.

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