Rewriting Plans

I need a break down of everything I’m working on or plan to work on over on my tumblr (that I will again copy below just so I can keep a backup of it) but since I’ve made that post I have also made some pretty vital progress.

As of this moment I am one chapter away from finishing my first draft of The Night Court, something I’ve now been trying to finish for at least four years and keep starting and dropping due to poor planning. In all fairness, I didn’t even do much planning to get to this point. I had a very minimal outline. As I am basically writing the end on this draft my thoughts have turned to the eventual revisions I’ll undoubtedly do. I’ll take a break from it first as always. I have plenty of other drafts that need my attention. But I guess I do want to start getting thoughts down as for what I’d like to do with The Night Court draft two.

  • The first, and the biggest, is that I want to cut it down. It ended up being longer than I originally planned and I’d love to trim the word count.
  • There are some plot lines I’d like to either fine tune or cut completely.
  • Make better use of some of the side cast.

I think those are my main nuggets so far. When I get closer to the days of revising I’ll probably have a boatload of notes for how I’ll complete this and more.

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