Rewriting Plans


The Saints’ Song

A series of four books detailing the political intrigue of the Escana Empire and her allies as well as the forever scandalous Prince Argus and his relationship with Leo, a pirate.

Currently working on the second draft of Of Blood and Stone, the third book in the series after having rewritten the first two. I have some planned minor edits I still want to make to ORG for the purposes of self publishing and to just make myself overall happier with the finished product. I have OBS mostly outlined I’m still just making plans for how I want this book to go given the plot changes I’ve made in the first two and the added characters who will make appearances as well as now debating to add in a fifth POV sooner. Obviously this is the work I’ve worked on the longest and is has the benefit of having the most world building as anyone who browses my page for more than a minute can tell you.

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