Rewriting Plans

The Night Court

A standalone that takes place in the same world as The Saints’ Song only some 50ish years later (an early 19th century setting instead of a late 18th century setting) and in a different country. The story of a courtesan named Mikolaj with a secret past and his romance with two other sex workers. Marian does not get an honorable mention.

Cautiously calling this the second draft or I’m almost done with draft one and a half as I did restart and change earlier chapters several times before getting to this point. I’m on chapter thirty-five out of a planned thirty-seven. I’ve already taken some minor notes for things to look at for a rewrite but I do plan to take a break from this piece before I dive back into editing and rewriting. I have my insecurities about how the plot flows and the copious amount of sex scenes but we’ll see how I feel about it in a few months. I AM really happy with my culture building for Gegra (the setting) though. It’s clearly distinct enough from Escan even without the time period changes. In my humble opinion, of course.

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