Rewriting Plans

Someone Will Die

Taking place in a reimagining 1930s America on a college campus where one can enroll to briefly avoid the possibility of being torn apart by monsters. A popular student is murdered and a professor with something to hide is chosen as the most likely suspect. 

This one has been dropped a lot due to the fact that I decided to write it out of chronological order and in alternating POVs of a small group of the related characters. I’ve been working on another outline and the timeline of all the events as they happen instead of the mixed up order that the story is told. I have some minor debates with myself to just get rid of the fact that it takes place in “America” (very loosely) and just make up a setting completely. All the locations are already fictional and the history completely different but this might be something I save for another draft just because I don’t think it would be helpful for me to start tearing into the other chapters with a mind to start changing things. I really want to finish a draft.

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