Rewriting Plans

The Sorcerei of Cokumpoint

A mid-Victorian setting with illegal magic gangs and family feuds. Ethel starts the book on the search for her presumed dead twin brother and instead finds a witch and a villain whose been terrorizing the city.

While this is actually a fantasy rewrite an a complete redo of a story I wrote in my teen years (as well as the standalone version of a trilogy) I’m considering this a first draft. I don’t have it outlined and I should start cracking into some notes. I’ve had it on pause for a few months for this exact reason which is a shame I really love the setting and I haven’t gotten to the gangs yet. I also do not mind how goofy the title is. 

Before picking this up I would like to flesh out an outline first and really organize my thoughts for how I want this story to go. 

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