The World of The Saints Song

A trend here. I keep talking about my tumblr.

But, for the last few years I’ve been steadily making world building posts. Not just advice or ramblings about how I built my own world but pieces written “in character” about the history of the world first introduced in Of Rust and Gold. There’s stuff about all major key figures for the empire, past and present, other countries, languages, pretty much anything I could think of I wrote up a post for all while pretending to be a “real” Escana historian.

I think about a year or so ago I got the idea to compile and spruce up all that information and put it together as a sort of fun guide book I would post as a bonus on my wattpad account. I don’t know how many people know this but Of Rust and Gold, as it stands, does have a glossary so readers can already get a bit more background information on some of the terms and locations mentioned. The guidebook would be that times ten, although I don’t figure it a necessary part of consuming the content I always thought it was fun and a great outlet for me to give insight on characters and events that don’t take place or aren’t around in the original series. For instance, the nine queens of Frederick Harver who are all (except for two) famously dead at the beginning of the first book. In my world building posts, I got to go through each of their lives and backstories.

Now, I had this idea and I liked this idea but it didn’t happen not because I didn’t want to rewrite all those posts or add new things for people who might have potentially already seen the post on my tumblr, but mainly because the words “guide book” made me think it should come with art. I did not get art for this project. Truly, if it was something I was going to do I would really have to budget for it given I’d want at least one piece for every topic and there is…a lot. So it’s not something I’ve gotten to do yet because it’s just a huge undertaking. I have not scrapped the idea completely, however and hopefully with the plans I have for the series it’s something I can eventually do for myself.

I say “myself” because really in the end I just want a bunch of TSS related art.

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