A Tourist’s Guide to Graza City

The Outer Villages

Exactly what it says on the tin. The outer villages of Graza did find themselves on the other side of the city gates when King Didacus claimed this spot on the coastline as his capital city. However, most still consider themselves Grazans regardless. They were a mix of farmers and fisherman, but plenty always make their money as palace or house servants in Varbella, or even as city watchers and a few knights. The Outer Villages have started to expand and build inns and entertainment halls of their own, but for the most part you’ll find farmland, old folk towns, and churches either in dedication to Santivism or ola tra.
Another place in “Graza” where you’ll find the population is also largely vegetarian and does not own (or have the means to afford) the fish they catch.
Beyond the Outer Villages is also where Alda Stronghold is stationed, the headquarters of the Escana chapter for the Order of the Knights. 

Food to try in the Outer Villages: Beans and rice. Avocados are also quite plentiful here. 

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