A Tourist’s Guide to Graza City

The Rhine District

The newest addition to Graza City. While quite lazily named, this neighborhood is home to a great mix of those who have found themselves underneath the empire’s flag, whether leaving their original country or born in the new city, the Rhine District is a representation of “home away from home”. The district in itself is actually split into several smaller neighborhoods making up the different countries and cultures of its occupants. While it is walled off, it is not mandatory that someone with Rhine heritage live in this area, as it mostly started as a collection of merchants and shops and then grew to encompass entire communities and homes. As it has non-Escana roots, this is the only place in Graza you’ll find temples and places of worship to the many gods of the Rhine, the only place where you will not get dirty looks if you choose to eat meat (and as such the only place you’ll find things livestock for the sole purpose of their meat), and perhaps the best place to get a good price on foreign imports. Most in the Rhine District maintain their own business, whether those be eateries or selling and dyeing fabrics, or procuring and trading other goods. It’s very common to not hear Escan being spoken at all in this area and to see all modes of dress. They commonly have problems with the Knights and constabulary so it’s also very likely you’ll walk into a protest during your visit. 

Food to try in the Rhine District: Somewhere beyond the walls there is a chicken curry shop so good Mel Dunham fed it to his pet bird (but mostly because Mel does not eat meat, was too shy to mention, and thought it wouldn’t be a problem since his bird started eating it anyway)

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