A Tourist’s Guide to Graza City

Espinar Square 

Also regarded as the heart of Graza, Espinar Square is named after the original monarchs who set foot there. It is now a lavish city center, home to the Espinar College and the Pilla de Calenos (the city’s main cathedral now converted to Santvisim and where all monarchs have held their coronation since). As well as the grand theatre, constabulary headquarters, and  the Lady Sence Library. Espinar Square is also where the royal family is most likely to make appearances during processions and their tours of the city. Espinar Square is also full of street performers and a revolving door of acting troupes, all likely trying to catch the eye of the royal visitors or rich occupants. Most shops on the street are dressmakers, haberdasheries, foreign fabric traders, spice traders, fancy tea and coffee houses, or cordwainers and cobblers. Closer to the college buildings there are academic halls and a few theatres for live poetry readings.
Espinar Square as a few residential quarters, all mostly home to relatively wealthy merchants or bankers. During the holidays such as the summer festivals and Santus, Espinar Square becomes packed with activity as it’s one of the few times of year the other neighborhoods empty to crowd the streets in celebration. Espinar Square is always home for any carnivals, public speeches from royals, and most large gatherings. Espinar Square is also where four of the five Grazan printed perodicals come from. Graza main docks and shipyward empty right into Espinar Square’s outer streets so it is often packed with fishmongers and market stalls. 

Food to try in Espinar Square: Most stalls in the district will promote their vegetable or fruit tarts

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