A Tourist’s Guide to Graza City


Where much of the workers of Naruña live. What was once a tightknit community has expanded since the introduction of Santivism, the availability of space in Pallón have paved the way to welcome new churches and one conservatory for girls. Pallón is a rather domestic area, made up of family homes and a few produce stalls. If not working in other parts of the city, most here make their living either as seamstresses or as a maker of some other type of domestic/home-goods. As such, Pallón creates a mix of religious, friendly, and hardworking people. It’s not unusual to often find people gathered together to entertain themselves with music or shows performed on the streets in lieu of a theatre. While there used to be dog fighting in the area, that has since been outlawed and some have moved onto betting on petty boxing matches. 

Food to try in Pallón: Almond cake or cinnamon cookies. Anything an Escana grandparent would make, frankly.

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