A Tourist’s Guide to Graza City


As it sits in the shadow of the Espinar College, Mubria is known for its intellect and inspiration. This where you’ll find artists studios, free-thinkers, but also strangely the Bank of Escan as this is where the first bud of Graza’s growing middle class started their roots. This has since created a small neighborhood that has some rather fortunate street blocks and also some poorhouses. Mubria also houses the sub-neighborhood of Didacus Corner, named after the first king of Escan and the stomping grounds of the fifth periodical publication house and one that boosts that it’s not censored by the betterment committee. As Mubria is also right next to the Rhine District and barely separated by walls, this is also where the mix of cultures with the local Escana is most vibrant. Here, it’s very common to mixed marriages or unique businesses such as Yenesh fortune tellers, a Sau playhouse, Nagi coffeehouses, jewelers of all kinds and accessory shops specializing in non-Escana goods. 
Mubria is a very communal neighborhood, with plenty of things being shared between households such as bathing areas, main rooms of homes, meals, and some even extend this to personal belongings. Much like Oures, Mubria’s appeal to (slightly more educated and possibly more wealthy) singles had gave way meals being shared by neighbors and strangers alike. With such as a large artist population, and thus also models for artists, plenty of those who in Mubria come off as welcoming if not rather “loose”. The older houses of Mubria (the bankers) often complain to the constable about some partying and lawlessness that’s usually blamed on some of its newer occupants but Mubria is a good place to have one drink and then somehow not crawl home until 3am after probably taking drugs and discussing philosophy with the boys.  

Food to try in Mubria: A seafood soup made with whatever’s available as well as mix of hot peppers, onions, fragrant herbs, and oil that locals claim cure hangovers. Or anything they’re willing to wrap and roast in a banana leaf. 

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