A Tourist’s Guide to Graza City


Also sometimes called the Water Gardens, Agurias is where most Grazans get their freshwater. While the water is nice, Agurias has never been easily settled either do to poor land conditions or local superstitions of water spirts, it is now the seat of most of Graza’s orphanages and poorhouses. The public committee services in fact end up taking most of the water away from this area in order to supply the rest of the city, and Graza Palace, leaving the area rather swampy in some places and dry and others. Those not at the chairty of Graza’s noblity either work or run the neighborhood’s freshwater fisheries where they mostly catch eel or freshwater crawfish and “shrimp”. What you’re likely to find is a lot of churches and maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll be there when Her Majesty Queen Liliana visits one of the many orphanages she funds. 

Food to try in Agurias: Roasted, fried, steamed, or grilled eel with red sauce. 

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