First Month of the Year Check-In

I wanted to write a post on January First doing the usual. Y’know. Talk about how I wanted to use this more, outline ideas and goals I had, prepare myself for the upcoming year. That did not happen. I spent my first day of 2022 very busy getting thrown off my wagon so instead, I planned a post of the last day of the first month of the year.

Within the first week, I put it out in the air that I want to finish my draft of Someone Will Die this year. So far, in January I got through reading the 45k words I have it so far, took some notes, did more outlining, and started a new chapter. I haven’t given myself a deadline as to when I’d like to finish, given that I haven’t gotten the jumpstart I wanted yet I won’t commit to one yet.

I said I wanted to edit the two shorts I wrote last year. I have started but more than that I’d like to make a commitment as to what I’d like to do with them.

I said I wanted to finish my Of Blood and Stone draft or at least make significant progress towards that goal. Within this month I’ve written 19.8k words of said draft so I am feeling pretty confident and I’ve reevaluated my outline so I think I’m over the hurdles that were giving me trouble towards the end of 2021.

Last year I had fun writing world building “advice” posts, expanding on my own world building, and writing very specific rants about tropes or whatever book I was reading at the time and I’d like to do more of that this year as well if only because it gives me an excuse to read more.

That was my January. I hope the rest of the year treats me well.

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