Obligatory Pre-Valentine’s Musing

I think out of all the bonus holiday shorts I’ve written over the years, anything relating to Valentine’s Day has been fleeting. I did one last year, and another two years prior, but it’s not something that comes to mind for me often. Strange, probably, considering romance is definitely high on the list of genres/subplots that I write.

Strange again because, frankly, I have not been feeling very romantic lately. At least not enough to go all-in and write something fluffy and sweet for Valentine’s Day like I did last year. I mentioned on my tumblr that I wanted to write a spiritual sequel to both A Werewolf and But Who Will Take Care of God? to close out the trilogy of sad men having a weird time and since bwwtcog was technically a holiday story maybe choosing yet another holiday as the theme wouldn’t be such a bad idea? I could also just take the excuse to watch a bunch of golden age romcoms and write another long-winded essay type post about my thoughts and convince myself it will further my understanding of plot development when really I just like complaining about things that have no impact on me.

If I’m being completely honest though, this has just been a very distracting week for me and it’s only Tuesday. I wrote about 16k words last week, all for a project I cannot share yet or I’m not sure how to given the differences it has in compared to my other stuff. But the point is all of that kinda burnt me out of working on my OBS draft even though I was on a bit of a roll by the end of January. I’m choosing to blame the curse of the Mel chapter as Mel chapters have always taken me several weeks to write and somehow I never learn or really expect it to happen again whenever I start a new one.

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