Competence and Pet Peeves

A while ago on my tumblr (in a post I can no longer find because the search function is AMAZING) I made a joke about competent costuming. It wasn’t clever by any means, I was just pointing out that in the show a character said she knew another character was somewhere she shouldn’t be because she left behind a scarf and “character c does not wear such cheap fabric” but my eyes told me that all their costumes were made from the exact same fabric or at least ones of similar sheens and make, so the line didn’t hit as hard as it would have if the characters were all more “distinctly” dressed.

I was looking for the post because I wanted to make a similar joke of having just watched something else where a character said someone wasn’t respected for her “peasant accent” but either do to casting or maybe an accent coach on set, all the characters had very similar accents to the point where I could not tell which one was supposed to be the “poor” one. They all sounded the same. Which, I mean, I can understand a show not wanting to have their leads doing a caricature of what they perceive to be a “low class” way of speech or to even speak in a way that might be hard for the larger audience to understand but then I just found it funny to include that line at all in a production where everyone has the same accent or at least ones that aren’t distinguishable among class lines.

This is an extremely small pet peeve of mine where the solution (at least in the first scenario) seems to be spending more money or cutting lines so I’m not really pushing for change here and has someone for mainly writes for a non-visual medium I really have no skin in the game. But I guess sometimes I’d like to actually see and hear what these characters do so their lines can be appreciated in their full extent.

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