Second Month Check-In

So, how did February go?

To put it simply, I ended up taking a lot of creative breaks. Not so simply, I was bogged down by endless distractions and I did not write much. I made a lot of plans to write. Did a lot of thinking about it, but when I get down to it I didn’t actually accomplish a lot of that.

I started a new short, I wrote on and off a chapter for OBS that currently sits at just over 2k words (but it was started in January and I can admit the majority of those words were written then.), but I also bought more books and can say I read one of them. It’s nice to read again. I haven’t actually done a lot of that for several months and reading one to completion is a refreshing accomplishment. Last two weeks of February I was really focused on sitting down and reorganizing my thoughts, getting my mind back on writing so I can continue towards the goals I made, but I think taking a reading break was a much better decision for me. I get overwhelmed with stressors and self-imposed deadlines so it’s nice to think about something beyond what’s in my head for a while.

Since my last check-in, I haven’t made any progress with Someone Will Die but my reading did put me in a good mind frame for those shorts I mentioned (and the new one). I think March will be more about finding a balance and sticking with practices that aren’t gonna make my brain shut down every time I have trouble forming a sentence.

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