Pros & Cons for April

I somehow got the idea stuck in my little, aching brain that I should do camp nano this year. A few things stick out to me as reasons why I shouldn’t almost immediately. I usually bail on regular nano just for sake of time or whatever my usual excuse is. For some reason, November is always right in the middle of when I’m taking an extreme writing break or I end up being in between drafts. The second, and the most obvious, reason is that people very quickly group up for camp nano and I am on an island with a population of one.

Now, does that make me sound incredibly lonely? Yes. I’m not. I have let it into the air before that I just do not have the time for writing groups currently. I miss them. I complain about not having one often. I just do not have the time. And I wouldn’t in April either as there will be an entire week and some change that I’ll just be unavailable due to travel. It doesn’t seem that long, but I remember what it was like to go ghost for a few days back when I was in writing groups. You miss everything.

My third reason is just that I may not have a lot of time to plan. The idea first came to me as a means to motivate and encourage myself to finish my Someone Will Die draft. We’re already gearing towards the end of March and although I only came up with this idea last Friday, I haven’t much much legwork into figuring out how I’m going to get past whatever was blocking me the last time I worked on it. On top of that, I have backburner projects and new ideas grappling for space in a head that is very prone to headaches.

My first reason for why I should do it is that frankly, a lot of the above reasons just seem like excuses to get me out of something I already decided to do. I want to work on SWD, I want to finish it, I’ve started and stopped it several times since 2017 and I’d like to put that to rest.

At the very least, I can spend what little of March I have left looking over the timeline and my plot notes to see if it’s actually feasible to finish on top of everything else.

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