Third Month Check-In

March had a weak start.

I ended February on rocking footing so it’s not surprising that I came into this month kind of shaky. I started a new short story but haven’t been able to work on it much given that I realized it would be a bit longer than my previous short projects but I remain excited about it all the same. It can be learned about here.

I read more books this month and worked myself out of a very stressful mindset. Towards the end, I started working on preparing myself to try finishing Someone Will Die again and I actually managed to get some outlining down and (way more importantly) finished a chapter for the first time in months if not for 2022. I’m also feeling a lot better about my current spot in Of Blood and Stone and my hopes to finish both are a lot more tangible. Once those are finished I can go ahead and start working on the other goals I set for myself and I’ve been anxious to take that next step.

However, April will be a bit difficult for me. As March comes to a close I have to prepare myself for both a move and the fact that I signed up to go to a wedding this month and will be out of commission for about nine days because of the trip. I don’t know how much writing will get done between those two events. And since I’m working on SWD again, I have to inevitably work out my update schedule. Years ago I was locked into two days a week (with separate projects) but I was never good at sticking to what those days should be. Friday is a given. The other one? I’ve flipped back and forth between Monday and Wednesday. I’m also not who I used to be so maybe I should cool it on hopes to keep up with updating two different things a week.

Anyway, I’m still really proud with how I finished March. I did take a small writing break but I ended on a really good note and I feel comfortable with where I am in both the projects I’m currently working on. I won’t give myself any deadlines but I’m hoping (even with the move and the wedding) to continue to make good progress toward the finish line.

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