Fourth Month Check-In

April did not go as planned.

It started to. I wrote a good 15k words at the beginning, got two chapters ahead with Someone Will Die and did a lot of crucial plotting for Of Blood and Stone. And then I went on a nine-day trip to California for a wedding. I did not bring my laptop which ended up being a good decision because I got quite a bit when I was out there and packing for the flight back was already enough of a headache. Of course, though, this means I didn’t write the entire time I was gone.

Frankly, I would have been too busy to even if I had taken my laptop with me. Every day we were off doing something. I can’t remember having more than an hour of completely free time. That’s not a complaint. But also not a perfect setup to hole up and get to writing. I do regret that this destroyed my writing streak, though.

Anyway, I have gloriously failed at completely Someone Will Die last month and then May appeared without my knowledge. It slipped my mind that yesterday was the first and I should be more shocked as it’s my birthday month. So, I shall have to make more goals and plans.

I’m skeptical to use the word “finish” now but I’d like to at least get close to the ending of SWD. I’m at a really good spot with Of Blood and Stone and I think it’ll be smooth sailing (famous last words) from here on out. I have strayed a bit from my original outline but I tend to do that anyway and I like my new ideas better.

So, I guess I’m just gonna see how this one goes.

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