Fifth Month Check-In

May came to a quiet close.

Another month where I didn’t write as much as I hoped or wanted but I still feel accomplished. I outlined some things, came up with new ideas, and I’m forging ahead with a firm head on my shoulders. Usually, a part of me wants to finish whatever draft I’m working on by my birthday (which came to pass on May 13th) and that came nowhere close to happening. I’m not all that disappointed though. I think I’m finally settling into the phase of writing my current draft where I’m okay that this will take time and that I’m just going to have to ride with it.

Besides, the last half of the month was very busy for me. I’ve had a lot of errands to run, helped my mom move into her new place and was roped into building furniture, had to start planning my own redecoration, got a new part-time job so I can fund some hobbies and save for other things, and started pushing myself out of the house to get my dog some new friends. A lot on my plate and I’m still finding the time (although admittedly, not a lot) to write in between it all. I did start something new within the last week of May while still juggling SWD and OBS. A very smart idea considering I always do fantastic with multiple projects.

I hope June goes well.

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