Sixth Month of the Year Check-In

I’m not at liberty to discuss June.

Was it an easy month? No. Was it necessarily harder than the others? I cannot tell. I definitely feel like I wrote less but I also had more to do. Which, I understand has been my excuse since the spring. A lot of on and off writing in between my “oh no I have so much to do!” but what can I say? I’ve had a busy season.

And then, and gosh is this a kicker, as I was writing this my internet got fried by a storm and I was out for a week. I mean, in that week I also moved from my temporary home to my permanent one so that definitely prolonged my lack of an internet connection.

However, I feel a lot more confident with my writing this month. The end of June came with an opportunity for me to once again get familiar with other drafts of mine, read old work, and think about why I love my stories in the first place. I’ve carried that into this first half of July and a lot of the anxiousness and the rut I’ve been in on and off over the past months feels like it’s finally ebbing away.

I do not think I will make any grand claims or goals this month. I’m still getting settled. I scheduled my weekends so I can spend them looking for thrifted or antique furniture for my new house, I need a proper desk/writing space, I really want some nice wall decorations, so one can say I am a bit distracted. But things are finally truly looking up and I did get a lot of writing done when I had no internet. So there’s that.

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