So. 2022 Happened.

I’m trying not to use the word “failure” when I look back on 2022. I hit a lot of rough patches, got very busy, had a lot of trouble finding time to write and then I would get stuck when I did. I spent a lot of time where I could have been writing dealing with slightly related issues (the whole cover debacle that swallowed August to like October). I moved. I had some troubling personal issues to deal with and recover from (nothing too serious just a bunch of stolen property) so in the end, maybe it’s a miracle I wrote at all. 

Looking back at what I wanted this time last year, I had two goals. I wanted to finish my Someone Will Die draft and I wanted to make significant progress into Of Blood and Stone. 

I did not finish SWD but I think I did get my goal with OBS as I only have some-teen chapters left to write and, although I’ve slowed down when it comes to writing, I’m keeping myself steady with chapter outlines and plan note-taking. I started a bunch of unplanned projects like The House of Ruin and Council of the Olive Grove. I said I wanted to edit my shorts and I did not but since after a year I still have not figured out what I would like to do with them, there’s no hard time limit on those. 

Given how I’m slipping into 2023, I’m gonna try not to pressure myself with any hard goals. I do have hopes, however. I hope I finish OBS. I hope I make progress with SWD. I hope to finish Olive Grove (it’s supposed to be pretty short in comparison anyway). I hope to get editing done on certain things and figure out what I want to do with some finished works that are still just sitting there. I hope to use the world-building server I made more and to continue to write “advice” posts on the topic. 

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