In Your Mouth. In His Hands (Part Three)

The first thing Valera taught him was his inclination towards pain was not about his self-worth, or about what he deserved. Leonides never thought he needed it because his existence was so hateful. It only made him think of when he was younger, holding his hand over open flame until someone snatched him back. And now,Continue reading “In Your Mouth. In His Hands (Part Three)”

In Your Mouth. In His Hands [Part Two]

Not as special as he once believed. Leonides scoffed. He wasn’t special in those days. He’d been a fool and nothing more. Now, now he was so much more. An empire bowed to him. The balance of continent-wide alliances and peace weighed on his shoulders. He strode towards the crooked table. Pen and paper wereContinue reading “In Your Mouth. In His Hands [Part Two]”

In Your Mouth. In His Hands. [Part One]

“Don’t stop,” he moaned. He begged. “Oh, Saints. Please, don’t stop.” Sweat made it hard to hold onto Valera. Still, he tried. As his body rocked over his, his hands digging into his hips. The only anchor holding him to a broken world. Leonides threw his head back. His thighs were sore. His back achedContinue reading “In Your Mouth. In His Hands. [Part One]”

Daffodil Wine [4/???]

Basil hated painting portraits. He hated them as much as he hated painting nature landscapes. Just what the world needed, another artist to capture some stranger’s visage on a canvas. And how pretentious, for someone to commission a painting of their own face to hang on their wall. Pretentious and incredibly vain. But who was heContinue reading “Daffodil Wine [4/???]”