The Night Court: The Next Step

I don’t like that I always feel a little lackluster when I finally finish a draft. I really overplay my endings. I talk a lot about how hard I find them to write and I get pretty stressed whenever I’m close to one but once it’s done it’s like none of the pressure ever existed. Now, all I can think about is what I’m going to do now.

I talked a little bit about it on wattpad in a note once the last chapter went up. The Night Court, as it takes place in the same world as my main series, is intrinsically tied to whatever I plan to do with that series. There are some world building changes I want to make in future rewrites of The Saints Song series already. Minor ones. Name changes again. But of course that means I have to do the same for The Night Court.

Specifically, I think I already came up with some notes for what I want to focus on in a future draft of the story. Like, using certain characters more, cutting down on some side plots or maybe shifting the focus, re-outlining some of the relationship progression, starting things earlier. I know what improvements I want to make but I’m not going to dive back into it while it’s still fresh. I think it’s nice to just let it sit for a while and appreciate that I have a finished draft.

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