A Tourist’s Guide to Graza City


Oures has a long history as it descends from one of the original fishing villages and thus continues as a neighborhood largely made up of fisherman and sea-merchants. Oures has its own small theatres and entertainment halls and also considers itself famous for their singers and street corro dancers. As one of the neighborhoods furthest away from the freshwater ponds, Oures is also one of three districts without some form of plumbing and relies on water deliveries and public committee services (run by the council in Graza Palace) to take away any waste and to ensure the citizens have their water needs. 
Despite producing a significant amount of Graza’s fish intake, those who live in Oures are largely vegetarians as most are no longer private fisherman and do not own the ships they work on and also likely cannot afford to eat what they catch. Oures is dedicated to traditional Escana culture and this is where you’d be most likely to find outposts of worshippers of the old religion, ola tra, and those who do not dress in the popular fashion. 
Oures is also considered a rather cheap place to live, attracting modern singles to the neighborhood and apartment blocks. Most homes do not have ovens and it’s common to see locals eating at food stalls with their neighbors on street corners. With its own small shipyard, Oures has also attracted smaller merchants and businesses. There are a few suppliers of foreign goods in the neighborhood as well as regular market streets. And despite it’s appeal to the young, budgeting, and single, Oures is also largely a family neighborhood. It’s common to see puppet shows or jugglers giving out candy or other sweets. 

Food to try in Oures: Bean stew or turtle eggs with spiced jicama and capers. For the most part through, a lot of beans, onions, and peppers. 

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