A Tourist’s Guide to Graza City


Another old neighborhood. While Naruña was once a fishing village, its since made its name in the whaling industry and is Graza’s largest supplier of whale oil and baleen. Naruña has mostly become a hub for industry and few people actually live within it’s confines, most buildings are reserved for the offices of whaling or ship companies, breweries, and taverns frequented by the working sailors. As it’s become such a busy, industrious area, it also attracts peddlers or eager entrepreneurs. What you’re most likely to find in Naruña is a place to drink (the rum and tequila are made locally, the wine, gin, and beer are all from elsewhere and frankly Escana beer is not good), or a place to find work although they do also have a few inns.

Food to try in Naruña: “drunken squid” is a dish served in some of Naruña’s bars although some debate it’s really leftover whale meat and the “drunk” part truly refers to the people eating it. If not, street corn is a choice. 

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